Tree Planting for the Future

On May 10, 2023, Ecopeace Teen Cafe in collaboration with Cosmic Community Center and Peace Department organised a tree planting event and intergenerational dialogue titled “ Tree Planting for the Future and Intergenerational Dialogue: Sharing the Stories of tree planting with Students” at Karickam International Public School, Kottarakkara, Kerala, India. The event aimed to promote environmental sustainability, raise awareness about the importance of trees, and actively contribute to combating climate change. The event was attended by 30 enthusiastic participants who were passionate about preserving the environment.

The tree planting event commenced at 9:30 am with an interfaith prayer and a short introduction to Ecopeace Teen Cafe. The meeting was inaugurated by Dr Abraham Karickam, Founder of One Billion Youth for Peace and Chairman of Karickam International Public School, Kottatakara.

Mr Tom Barasa, Consultant, UNEP and WWF UK was the special guest who shared the importance of planting trees with students. After the talk, Ms Greshma, Founder of Ecopeace Teen Cafe introduced the Climate Action toolkit of Ecopeace Teen Cafe and encouraged participants to use it to bring changes to their lifestyle. After the session, sapling of purple guava was planted at the school and distributed 30 saplings to the participants.

The program closed by sharing gratitude to the Peace Department, Cosmic Community Centre, Karickam International Public School and United Religions Initiative for their support in the project implementation. The gratitude message was shared by Ms Riya Mariyam Abraham, a volunteer of Ecopeace Teen Cafe.