Green Leaders Academy

Ecopeace Teen Cafe is partnering with 10 Billion Strong to implement Green Leaders Academy with a special focus on the Indian context. 10 Billion Strong is an environmental leadership organisation focused on how individuals can increase their capacity to lead themselves and others to improve our environment. Their mission is to design and implement environmental education programs, with a strong focus on leadership and civic engagement, to support the growth and development that will allow leaders to create change in their communities.

About the Green Leaders Academy

The training course includes 15 modules focused on environmental literacy, leadership, and civic engagement. It includes 15-20 hours of content which can be completed during a one-week intensive program or over several stand-alone sessions spanning a month. 

Our environmental literacy training includes content on ecosystems, flora & fauna, air, water, soil, food systems, waste, energy, transportation, urban design, sustainable development, pollution, circular economy, and the blue economy.

Our leadership content focuses on personal leadership, creative problem solving, transformative action, community building, and facilitation.

Our civic engagement training builds effective leaders through content on environmental policy, movement building, working with stakeholders, and understanding governance frameworks.